1 Thessalonians 1 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Esther Kang, Gracepoint Berkeley

What are the reasons that Apostle Paul states that the Thessalonians are loved by God? God chose them and made the GOSPEL come to them not simply with words BUT also with POWER, with the Holy Spirit and with DEEP CONVICTION.  This view of love changes our perspective on what it means to be loved.  The world’s perspective of being loved is having a  romantic relationship, being treated special, being doted over, or having people adore you.  Therefore, people strive to earn love by looking pretty or being someone special. However, this verse shows that we’ve been loved from the fact that the gospel came to us.  I don’t have to earn love or be loveable.  God chose me even when I was a sinner.  God allowed the gospel to come to me even though I was not interested in God or the truth.  Therefore, no matter what the world says, I am loved. Fact is that I’ve been loved by God.  God loved me to allow the gospel to come to me not simply with words.  I’ve experienced the power of God’s words piercing me, convicting me of my sins. I need to continue to battle my worldly and false views of what it means to be loved by affirming this fact that God loves me that he did whatever he could to allow the gospel to come to me not merely as words.  I remember growing up in the church and the gospel was mere words.  I didn’t understand what it meant.  My senior year in high school, I prayed that God would take me to a college where I could learn about whether Christian was true for myself. It was in college that the gospel message came alive as I heard many bible studies and the message of Lordship pierced me.  The gospel message came to me with power as I saw my leaders and older ones at church living out their faith and showing me clearly what it meant to follow Jesus.

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