1 Timothy 5 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Jessica Chao, Gracepoint Berkeley


O: What do younger widows become in addition to being idlers? Gossips and busybodies

D: What does this say about the nature of sin? Often it’s not just an isolated sin.  Especially with something like idleness, it opens the door for one to commit other sins.  I thought about these younger widows, how because they were idle and didn’t have anything to do, they ended up filling their time with frivolous activities and gossiping.

D: What is the wisdom behind A.Paul’s counsel to younger widows to marry, to have children, to manage their homes? It’s with the understanding that as sinners, we need structure and boundaries set in place for us.  That there are certain standards and rules regarding how we are to relate with others that we need to submit ourselves to and obey.  We need structure in order to protect us from idleness, and it’s thru times of idleness which gives opportunity for the enemy to work.  A.Paul really understood ppl and where they are at, and what potential pitfalls they can fall prey to.  He gave different sets of instructions to older and younger widows.  He understood how ppl who are young and full of energy need boundaries and structures in place for them.  A.Paul understood the sinfulness of man, and knew that in order to protect these younger widows from falling into more and more sin, they were going to need the structure and boundaries that come with being a wife, a mother, with responsibilities and ppl they need to care for.

A: How does this apply to me? Similarly in the same way, I am thankful for the many layers of structures and boundaries that have been placed in my life.  That as a wife, there is a certain way I am to relate with my husband, and there are certain responsibilities that come with being a wife, such as being the one to submit and the one who manages affairs of the home.  That as a mother, I cannot be immature and do whatever I want, whenever I want, but the fact that I’m a mother actually means something, and that’s going to affect how I’m going to end up spending my time.  That as a leader of this church, there is a certain way I am to conduct my life, and the fact that I’m a leader and others are looking to me to model for them what Christian life should look like—this is good pressure for me, and ends up forming the boundaries that I need to set for myself in terms of how I’m going to spend my time, and what I’m going to labor and strive after.

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