2 Timothy 3 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Jeff Liu, Gracepoint Berkeley

How is being “loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires” related to “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth?”  How can this lead to being “weak-willed?”

Sin is something that ultimately takes away freedom.  It is something that we commit and can also become deeply rooted in our hearts as we continue in them.  This is perhaps a context when we become “loaded down with sins”

"Loaded down with sins"

and “swayed by all kinds of evil desires.”  We have perhaps grown up in some sin, wrong value, addiction or idolatry that now loads us down and sways us with evil desires.  The net result is that we are not able to acknowledge the truth of Scripture.  We may be learning, but we are “weak-willed” in a way because we have a very hard time acknowledging the truth and bending our will to submit to Scripture.

The good news is that we have Jesus, the stronger man (Lk 11:22), and His inspired word (2 Ti 3:16-17).  Though the power of sin is strong, the power of good is even stronger.  Through the power and authority of God’s word, we can experience freedom our sins that ultimately desire to take away our freedom and joy.  I am thankful for this new DT format as it will enable me to really meditate and allow the word of God to take deep root in my heart as I memorize and consider the deep truths of Scripture.  I want to recommit to this spiritual discipline of Scripture memory, practiced by the ancients and throughout Christian history – the discipline of hiding the word of God in my heart that I might not sin against Him (Ps 119:11).  As there are many deeply rooted sins in my life that I continue to do daily battle against, I pray that through the power of Scripture, I might be able to fully acknowledge the truth of Scripture in every area of my life.

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