Titus 1 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Steve Suh, Gracepoint Berkeley

Titus 1:5
•    Think about what the words “every town” implies about the extent of Apostle Paul’s church planting activity in Crete.

Titus was left in Crete and given a task by Apostle Paul to:
1. straighten out what was left unfinished and
2. appoint elders in every town as directed

The words “every town” implies 2 things:
1. Apostle Paul’s church planting activity in Crete alone was extensive and worthy to note as he had planted many churches… “in every town” of Crete.
2. Apostle Paul’s view of spiritual elders/mentors/overseers in the church is quite significant as he leaves Titus with the task to “appoint elders in every town, as I directed you”.

These implications from God’s word speaks for itself, as it does in Matt 28’s Great Commission & throughout the scriptures.  The call and exhortation to the church – and to me – is to never settle down, but to do the work of God that “was left unfinished”.  As I think about Apostle Paul’s zeal for the gospel and the hope of eternal life (v2-3) that he had received, and passed on to others like Timothy and Titus, and now being passed on to the churches that were planted in every town in Crete, I see Matt 28’s Great Commission being lived out!  This is the mission/commission for every Christ-follower and for me: to participate in God’s holy work in building/planting His body: the Church and the “work left unfinished” here in my college town, at work, or at home.  I am called to be Christ’s ambassador wherever I am and to share the eternal hope that I have found in Jesus.  As I think about who I am as a sinner, it’s hard to grasp the wonder and amazing privilege it is to be entrusted with the gospel, not by my merit, but by being a sinner redeemed.  I’m excited that in less than 1 week, the new school year begins, and many new students who have never encountered Christ will be coming onto the campus.  I pray that I can be that reliable servant of Christ who can love and guide the students I meet towards the One who gives hope of eternal life…  I pray that I can grow and be molded and shaped in my character as described in this passage so that I can represent Christ accurately through my life and my actions.

I’m so excited about the mission of our church:  “An Acts2 church in every college town…”
I am praying that one day in the future, we can see an Acts 2 church, simply, in “every town”… and that is my prayer and the mission that excites me again and again.  Thank you Lord for the privilege to participate in your kingdom work.

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