Revelation 11 Devotional Sharing

Submitted by John Ko, Gracepoint Berkeley


§  The imagery employed bring to mind Elijah and Moses, but in the New Testament context, “the most common view is that the two witnesses represent the prophetic witness of the church” [1] What example and challenge do the two prophets serve for the church today?

The example and challenge the two prophets serve for the church today is of those who are willing to  be God’s voice alone in a compromised world.   They will go and they will be God’s voice and they will bring to light the sins of the people and they will testify to all the things that the people have done wrong against God.  They stand as voices of truth.  They seem to go at it alone in one sense b/c of the darkness of the world and b/c of the forces they are standing up against.  And ultimately as they deliver their words they are killed.  They are destroyed by the beast.

They challenge the church today b/c they are voices of truth.  They stand up to the world and for the church today that’s a challenge b/c the church often tries so hard to assuage people and convince them that the church is very similar to the world.  Although we can try to comfort people and try to bring them into the church we cannot compromise on the truth and what God stands for and who he is and how he does demand holiness.  The prophets were fully obedient and they went out and prophesied against the world and its values.  They were God’s lampstands and the calling is the same for the church today.  this is another reference of the lampstand in revelation and signifies that we are to be a light to this world and so our values and our lives must reflect this.

Ultimately they die and this is what it means to carry on the message of the gospel.  just as Jesus delivered his message of love and repentance he was killed and died but rose again 3 days later.  And so these men, in being fully obedient to God did the same. They carried out their message to the point of death

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