January 13, 2011: Romans 10:4-15 Devotional Sharing

Submitted by Pastor Jonathan Lee, Gracepoint Davis

Reflect on the words, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”  List the people God used, directly and indirectly, to bring the gospel to me.  Who are the people God is asking me to go to?

Mrs. Bradley

God has richly blessed me with many beautiful people in my life whom God used to bring the Good News to me.  The oldest recollection is that of my first Sunday School teacher in America, Mrs. Bradley.  She was a grandma who was serving in the children’s department of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, which is where my parents took us to when we were living in LA back in the late 1970’s.  I remember the extra help that Mrs. Bradley gave me when our class had to memorize chunks of Bible passages that were required to receive a Bible with my name embossed on the front cover (and yes, I still have that Bible!).  I remember the patience that she demonstrated as I was slow in picking up English as a recent immigrant.  I remember how she would lovingly try to engage me in conversation and encourage me to participate, knowing that I was extremely shy and awkward as a 5th grader.  I remember the time when she and her husband took the entire class to Disneyland and generously paid for the entire trip out of her own pocket.  I look back and wonder how an old grandma could have even attempted to take on the monumental task of leading a pack of elementary school kids through an amusement park, giving them an experience that they would remember for a lifetime.  Back then, I knew very little of generosity, of the logistics of planning a trip like that, and I knew even less of Jesus…

How could Mrs. Bradley do it?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it must have been the burden she felt as she wondered, “How then, can this child call on the One he has not believed in?  And how can he believe in the One of whom he has not heard?  And how can he hear without someone preaching to him?”  She probably felt the “obligation” as we were reminded of Apostle Paul’s from yesterday’s DT in Romans 1:14ff.  I never got to properly thank Mrs. Bradley for all the ways she had planted the seeds of the Gospel message in words and deeds.  I will have to wait a little longer before I can see her in heaven to properly thank her.  (And she is just one of dozens of people who were sent by God for me.)  In the meanwhile, I pray that I may be sent to others who need to hear and believe.  I pray that God may grace me with beautiful feet like Mrs. Bradley’s.

Submitted by Tony Sun, Gracepoint Berkeley

What needs to happen first in order for a person to believe the message, to call on Christ and be saved?

Paul says in v.9 that to order for a person to believe the message, to call on Christ and be saved, we must first confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,”. The phrase, “Jesus is Lord,” is so short that it is easy for me to pass over it and say it quickly without digging out the full meaning. First, to testify that Jesus is Lord means that we know and accept who Jesus truly is. Jesus is not just an ordinary person.  Bible says in 1 Cor 8:6, John 1:3 to remind us about His full divinity and that He is God.  This is something that needs to be loud and clear in our lives.  Often times we say that Jesus is God but we don’t really come to Him as though we believe that in our hearts.  I am more prone to turn to my own wisdom first when I am faced with situations rather then turn to Jesus in prayer and ask Him to intercede as well.  We don’t turn to the Bible and to what Jesus said to let His Words to guide us and comfort us in those situations. Second, when we acknowledge Jesus is Lord, then we are accepting that He is in charge. Jesus is Lord means that He has rule. He is ruling over all rulers and powers. Jesus is ruling over his people. Jesus is ruling over all people. He is the king and we are the subjects. He is the master and we are the servants. Jesus is Lord is not just something that I say, it is something that I believe. Jesus is in charge. If I believe that Jesus is Lord, then I must find out what He wants me to do because He is over my life also. We have an unusual way of seeing Jesus. We see Jesus as Lord over the world, but somehow that excludes our very own lives. We think we can say that Jesus is Lord, yet live our lives how we want. This is the problem with what my life.  I am too quick to claim Jesus is Lord, but there is still resistance in changing my life to reflect that truth. If Jesus is Lord, then we will submit to his rule. He will be in charge of our lives, not us. We will act as He wants us to act. We will do what He says. We will yield our will to His will.
Next Paul says that we must “Believing In Our Heart That God Raised Jesus From The Dead”. God wants our hearts. God wants us to believe with our heart. This is not just a mental assent that Jesus raised from the dead. It is a life changing belief. Jesus raised from the dead. That means Jesus is who He said he was. He is God. He is Lord. He is alive. He is ruling. He is in charge. He will bring judgment on His enemies. We are not serving a dead god. We are serving a risen Savior!  The resurrection means that we can have forgiveness of sins. Jesus has experienced death on our behalf so that God save us from our sins. We deserve the punishment for our sins. Jesus died and raised from the dead. This means we that through Jesus we can be forgiven of our evil and wicked ways. Through Jesus we are able to know God’s word and let it sink into our minds and hearts so that we can be saved.
Paul’s reminder for me is that I am to not just say the words. God asking me to live it. Live like Jesus is Lord. Believe in my heart that Jesus is Lord so that it transforms what I say, how I act, and how I live.
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