January 17, 2011: Hebrews 4:1-16 Devotinal Sharing

Submitted by Kevin Lai, Gracepoint Hsinchu

Hebrews 4:12-16

How have I experienced the word of God to be “living and active,” “sharper than any double-edged sword… judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart?” Being here in Taiwan, the greatest blessing is being able to spend more extensive time in God’s Word and in prayer and learning to apply God’s Word into my life more concretely. Coming here initially, many of my values regarding finances, family, etc. were exposed, and I realized the foundation that I was building my faith on was not that firm. During this time, my leaders exhorted me to carefully read through Jeremiah and Proverbs and see how the verses could apply to my life. The first time, I went through the verses hurriedly and the verses didn’t really come alive for me. Later on, my leaders taught me how to read over God’s word verse by verse, reflect and pray over each of them. Instead of simply glossing over and saying that’s me or that’s not me, I began to ask myself “to what extent am I like this?” or “in what specific ways have I acted this way towards God?” It was God’s Word that ultimately broke through to me, as I saw how God longed for a relationship with His people and how He wanted to restore me back to Him. Through confessing my sins more specifically, I’ve begun to learn more about myself and God’s Word and grow in my conviction of my sin and need for God’s grace. Previously, my reflections and devotion times have been more shallow and surface-level. Now, in my devotions times and reflection, I’m still learning how to write more, to internalize how God is speaking to me, and allow God’s Word to penetrate into my heart, and again and again I’ve experienced God’s word exposing my motives and my heart. Instead of seeing the Bible as something written some time ago, I’m growing in my desire to read God’s Word and learning to see how God is a real God, how He is God of history, how He has longed to restore a relationship with His people since the beginning, and how He still longs to speak to me each day through His Word.

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