Devotion Time: January 24-29, 2011

For the next 5 weeks, we will look at scriptures on the topic of the church. We will start by looking at some Old Testament texts that provide the backdrop for our understanding of God’s plan for the church.

UPDATE: 01/23/11 8:24pm – New file uploaded which has updates to Monday, 01/24, questions (SEE BELOW).

Click here to download the DT packet for Jan 24-29, 2011.


  • Consider the questions God asks in this text. (3.9; 4.9)  How are these questions related?
  • What relational consequences of sin emerge from this text?
  • Why is it that asserting yourself in defiance of God’s right to determine good and evil inevitably leads to restlessness, wandering, fear, isolation and strife?
  • Given all that sin destroys in human life, what would life look like for each of sin’s damages to be reversed?
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