February 1, 2011: Matthew 16:13-18; Matthew 18:19-20; Ephesians 2:19-20; Ephesians 4:11-16 Devotion Sharing

Kelly Kang’s devotion: Joined and held together

Submitted by Ander Chen, Gracepoint Berkeley

These passages about the church are also necessarily about each Christian.  Read each passage, and reflect on God’s vision regarding how Christian life is to be lived out. What do each of these passages tell me about myself?  What is my response to this?

What the passages say to me is that as a Christian, I need to be a more prayerful person and ask God, lean on God, entrusting him with my life and ministry and not trying to rely on myself and what qualities I think I may have (Matt 18:19-20). Im reminded that I am apart of God’s household and so my life must be set apart from the world, in: lifestyle, attitude, outlook, where my focus lies, what I value and treasure, and what drives me in my life. Others should be able to see my life and notice that difference and through my life I am to be a priest, someone who who shares the gospel with others (Eph2:19-20). It also tells me that God has prepared me for works of service so that the church, the body of Christ may be built up (Eph 4) and that I am to be a minister, a servant to others and not myself and in order to train and teach others i need to continually mature in my faith and understanding of God through his word, reflection and in loving others.

As I read this description of the church and of a Christian, I realize how short I still fall in all of these ways. Therefore, I want to commit to praying a lot more this semester, especially as I feel anxious in ministering to the junior class, with so many new people and so many things to get caught up on, more than ever do I feel inadequate and need to life and entrust them to God in prayer. I’m also reminded that my own life and values need to be constantly shaped and reformed so that my life can honor God. That I personally need to continue to grow in my understanding of God, and my own relationship with God needs to deepen. The world and its values of success, independence, and personal achievement still weight heavily in my mind and I need to do the hard work of reversing these ideas and values. It also means that my own struggles with my sin of lust, with my selfishness and pride needs to be confronted each day and confessed to God. My response to the fact that im a minister is that I need to be faithful to this calling God has given me. To not let up but dive in, take hold of the people God has given to me and not let my fears and insecurities of failing paralyze me but to trust God and go and start loving/ministering to the guys God has given me. There is nothing else for me to do but just dive in and get to know these junior guys. I’ve been tasked with the high calling of loving them, discipling them and coloring them and I just need to start and trust God with the rest. I need to pray for them, help them to grow and love them as I did my previous guys. I know God has taken me out of my comfort zone and for that I am thankful. I pray that my heart and capacity can be stretched and I want to respond with just doing God’s work and not stopping.

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