Devotion Time: February 7 – February 12, 2011

For this week’s devotions, we are continuing in our study of the church.  We now have DT packets in three different formats (see below).  In addition, in the appendix section of the DT packet, we have provided additional DT questions (optional of course) if you desire more reflection questions.

Format 1: New Format: NIV Bible Text & DT Questions.  DT Week3 Feb7-12_New

New Format

Format 2: NIV Bible Text & DT Questions. DT Week 3 Feb 7-12

Bible Passage and DT Questions

Format 3: NIV Bible Text & DT Questions (side by side).  DT Week 3 Feb7-12 Side by Side

Bible Passage and Questions Side by Side

Format 4: DT Questions Only.  DT Week 3 Feb7-12 Questions Only

DT Questions only. Use your own Bible.

Format 5: DT Text and Questions in Chinese. DT Week3 Feb7-12 Chinese

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5 Responses to “Devotion Time: February 7 – February 12, 2011”

  1. ls says:

    thank you for all the work that goes into making the DTs, formatting, translating, and posting it up!! it seems like a lot of work goes into it. and a lot of love, for sure. i really appreciate it.

  2. jl says:

    wow i really like the new Chinese DT! Now I can brush up on my Chinese biblical terms at the same time! Never found the time to do this outside my schedule. awesome, just need the time haha

  3. jl says:

    wow, thanks for all the work that goes into those different formats, muchos appreciated !

  4. sarah y says:

    I feel so spoiled, everyone is provided with what style suits them best :) Thanks to all the people whose hard work goes into the questions and the minute details of formatting, and for making God’s word as accessible as possible for everyone.

  5. jm says:

    Thank you for putting in all the time and effort to make these DTs! It is so wonderful, reading and reflecting and being challenged by God’s word every day. I know I am truly blessed. :)

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