February 11, 2011: 1 Corinthians 12-13 Devotion Sharing

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Devotional Sharing Submitted by Pastor Jonathan Lee, Gracepoint Davis.

Reflect on the fact that individual Christians are called to unite to form the body of Christ—i.e., to be Christ to the world today.  What is the personal implication of this for every Christian in terms of his view of himself, how he makes decisions about his life, and how he regards other believers God has placed in the church with him?

One personal implication of a Christian in terms of his view of self is to see self as having significance and worth but all of which are unearned and undeserved.  We are important not because of what we have done to deserve it, but because of God’s generous mercy in blessing us with salvation that allows us to be a part of Christ’s body.  This passage also gives a clear understanding of purpose for one’s existence that goes beyond self-seeking goals—God has brought us together for His purpose to declare the wonders of God (per previous DT’s).  This passage (12:11, 18, 24, 28) reminds us that it is God who gave, arranged, combined, and appointed.  And God gave specifically according to His plan and purpose.  So one implication is that no Christian can have a self-pity party and low self-worth/esteem in view of the body of Christ.

In terms of making decisions about his life, this implies that a Christian should not decide in isolation with just personal goals and plans in mind, but rather, decisions should include the body of Christ.  As a Christian, I am a part of a body of Christ and so I need to think carefully about how my decisions, choices, words, and actions would affect the body of Christ.  When I became a husband, I no longer could do things just based on what I wanted because I was relationally connected to my wife and my decisions would have bearing on her.  And in similar fashion, when I became a Christian, I became connected to the members of the body of Christ and so I must think about the ramifications to the larger body.  I am reminded of the excerpt that we read a while back from Dr. Joe Hellerman’s book,  When the Church was a Family (http://gracepointreadings.org/2010/03/excerpt-when-the-church-was-a-family) where the chapter dealt with how based on historical research on the early church, members of the church ought to make decisions based on commitments to God’s Family first.  This is such a radical paradigm shift for those in the 21st century who are so individualistic but this passage in 1 Corinthians remind us of God’s radical and refreshing plan for the church.

The Christian’s view of other believers God has placed in the church with him should not be one of comparison or competitiveness but rather, should be one of giving and receiving help as members of one body.  Tonight, brothers from Davis will go down to Berkeley to join the special time together.  (Sisters will have their own special time together as well.)  Even in making this happen, there are a lot of members of the body gifted with different talents and functions so that we might experience the strengthening and encouraging that we’re sure to happen tonight.  My best friend Tony is handling all the coordination and logistics for 500+ men!  Matthew is going to make the delicious dinner happen one way or another.  Tech guys will set up all the equipment without which there will only be the sound of silence.  :)  The video crew, the RSF team, the IGSM/Praxis VSM/ECM brothers for the takedown, the testimonies shared, Pastor Ed giving the message, and so many more precious brothers doing as God has appointed.  What a wonderful picture of the body of Christ coming together!  I’m so grateful for all of them and it spurs me on to give even more to the work of the body of Christ, the church!

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  1. uly says:

    Thanks for writing such a practical sharing for other people. People have doubts in life all the time. When uncertainties happen to us, we need a mentor or a guru to give us clues as to which way to go to. We cannot make decisions easily by ourselves. It seems that you have given us the answer to such a situation when we have difficulty choosing the right road in life. The answer is God. He will take us to the right place, use us, and give us the strength to become a capable person. I hope God can take me to the right place, too.

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