March 31, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Ander Chen, Gracepoint Berkeley.

John 10:11-18

“‘Authority’ means that he was not the helpless victim of his enemies’ violence but that he had both the right and the power to become the instrument of reconciliation between man and God and between Jew and Gentile.”

What are the characteristics of a good shepherd?  Reflect on the fact that Jesus, as my good shepherd, laid down his life for me. The characteristics of a good shepherd is one who is faithful to his duty, who is always on the lookout and aware of his flock. The good shepherd is prepared to handle whatever challenge or obstacle may come his way. The good shepherd is prepared and ready to defend if necessary. He is on the job 24/7 without rest and even when all the sheep are back in the pen, he cannot rest because he has to continually be on the look out.

Jesus is this good shepherd and as I reflect over how he chose to lay down his life for me, I’m reminded of how much he loves me. I’m amazed once again at how God still loves me despite the many time I’ve rejected him and proclaimed my own will over my life. I’m thankful that through his sacrifice for me, that the chasm created by my sin and God was bridged through his death and resurrection. Jesus is truly the only hope that I have in this world and the only sure thing that I have in this world. I am challenged by this picture of Christ’s love once again, and as I think about how I’ve been called to love and shepherd others, I pray that I can be a good shepherd over their lives. I pray that I can be stretched and that I would be able to give my life, not just a slice but its entirety over to God, and serve and love them as Christ has done for me.

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