April 29, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Danny Orozco, Gracepoint Berkeley

1 John 1:9-10
Reflect on the promise of v. 9.
God is a God who keeps his promises. He does not say something and then immediately take back His words.  He is not fickle like me, He is not prone to making overly emotional sentimental statements.  He promises that if we confess our sins he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. God can really cleanse me from all the filth that is in my heart. He does forgive me for my anger, my pride, my apathy, my sloppiness and my constant desire for people approval. God is faithful and just and He will purify us from all unrighteousness, but I need to confess my sins. Confess the times that I commit sins of ommission  and ask Him to cleanse me and forgive me. I need to confess the constant struggle with lust, and the desire for comfort that plague my heart like a constantly changing virus that I need to battle daily with the Word, prayer, and the help of others.

What desire of God toward me is behind the exhortation to confess? God wants me to be a man of truth. He doesn’t want me to lie, to pretend, to be fake, God just wants me to be real. He also wants me to be restored to him in a relationship. This cannot happen if I am deluded about myself and just keep on lying. God wants me to be righteous, He made a way through Jesus. God wants me to be like his perfect Son.  He wants to make me new, but I have to be real with Him.

What does this context reveal about what repentance is? Repentance is all about fixing the relationship. Repentance is not only about “Do’s” and “Don’ts” it’s about honoring and valuing the relationship.  And if I want to honor my relationship with God I would desire to repent, to change my way of living so that I can have a right relationship with God.

Are there some sins that I need to confess today and for which I need to claim v. 9? My lust is a daily struggle. My pride, anger, and especially my laziness: The other day I was asked to do a simple task, and my response was yes I’ll do it, but a few days have passed and I have just pushed aside the task.  Actually the task was to make a new list of people who submit their devotions to this website, the reason I’m submitting today is because no one was scheduled for today.  This was my fault, my laziness. My laziness leads to a lot of frustration, and it makes me non-dependable.  It’s my selfishness, and laziness that causes a lot of anger and frustration in other hearts and I’m to blame.  I can say sorry a million times, but my sins just lead me to conclude the obvious truth: I need help.  I am broken, fallen, proud, and just a lazy & wicked servant.  Forgive me God for my sins, Jesus have mercy on me, a sinner.

Meditate on the two ways in which Jesus is described—“one who speaks to the Father in our defense” and “the atoning sacrifice for our sins.” Thank you Jesus for being speaking in my defense.  I know that I put you to shame again and again, and I’m truly sorry and I don’t want to keep being this way.  Please forgive me for my sins and help me to imitate you rather than clinging to my sinful patterns. The only way for me to be forgiven is because you are the atoning sacrifice for my sins. Thank you for dying for me so that the Father see you within me and because of you find me acceptable. Thank you for making all things new, especially this broken sinner.

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