May 6, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by David Tung, Gracepoint Berkeley

Genesis 19:1-3

What is significant about the fact that Lot is found seated at the gateway of the city in Sodom?

The fact that Lot is found seated at the gateway of the city means that he’s not longer an outsider in the city of Sodom.  He’s no longer the man who just happens to be living near Sodom, or who happens to do some business in the city, or someone who just happens to live in the city – now he is a man of some importance in Sodom, which means that he must be a man who is very much a strong part of the culture of the city of Sodom.  It shows us how much Lot’s path has diverged from Abraham’s – not only is he not following God anymore, but he has become an important and involved figure in the city that was known for its sinfulness and wickedness.

· What lesson can we learn from Lot’s progression of parting company with Abraham, pitching his tent near Sodom, living in the city, and then becoming a person of status in the city of Sodom? (cf. Gen 13:12, Gen 14:12, Gen 19:1)

This picture of Lot is a reminder to me of the progression of sin in my life, and in everyone’s life.  The initial steps towards sin seem safe and relatively innocent, but it quickly escalates and there really is not a huge distance between that first step towards sin and finding myself completely overtaken and immersed in my sin.  We are currently going through the Pause message series in the Interhigh services, and the illustrations of sin as that evil beanbag are so true – just taking a step closer can seem like such a small deal and well worth whatever convenience we get by not having to steer around sin, but sin is deceptive and can quickly overtake us.

Genesis 19:15-29

Notice the insistent mercy of God in this passage even in the context of Lot’s near-resistance.  Reflect on the ways in which God has been merciful to me.

God was going to do all it took to save Lot from the imminent destruction.  It’s incredible that even after it was so clear that Sodom was going to be destroyed, it says in verse 16 that Lot still hesitated to take himself and his wife and his two daughters to flee the city.  But, in many ways, that describes my relationship with our sin so well – I know that my sin destroys my relationships and myself, but when it comes to exposing my sins and giving them up, it is a common thing to want to cling onto it and continue to hide it.  And in those situations, God’s mercy often comes through some circumstance that forces me to confess and ask for help.  The fact that we have accountability and weekly reflections – that is such a blessing and an example of God’s mercy to me.  The reality is that I am typically resistant to these kinds of times, but if it were not for times like that I would not be delivered from my sin – because I would just try to forget about what I have done and harden my heart and try to move on, instead of sharing with my leaders or my friends, asking for help, and ultimately having God’s mercy to me reaffirmed.


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