May 10, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Hannah Yang, Gracepoint Riverside.

Deuteronomy  8:2-3

Why did God lead them through humbling experiences in the desert?   Why are times of humbling necessary in our lives?  In what ways has God allowed me to be humbled recently? God lead them through humbling experiences in the desert in order to humble them and test them in order to know what was in their heart and whether or not they would keep his commands.  God caused them to become hungry and desperate and then fed them Manna to teach them that they can not live by their own strength alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.  God used this humbling experience of journeying together through the desert to teach them to depend on Him.  Times of humbling are necessary so that God can prepare you for something in the future.  I thought about how the Israelites would have been had they not had this desert experience and journey with God. They would quickly forget and turn their backs on God thinking that they are okay on their own and have the power within themselves to provide for themselves.  Times of humbling are also necessary in our lives to bring us back to reality, to see that we are powerless and not in control and that God is the rightful and legitimate owner of our lives.

God has been using my health issues to humble me recently.  For the past 2 months, I was sick and unable to do a lot.  The first week I came down with a really bad flu, the second week I had to get a procedure done for a health complications that I was having, the week after that I came down with strep thoat, and right after getting better from that my back gave out for three weeks. I wasn’t even able to put my own socks on and I felt utterly defeated.  I felt desperate because I was totally incapable of doing things on my own.  Having an 18 month old daughter to take care of, a home to clean and manage, ministry to do, students to meet up with, and so many things to do as we were entering the last quarter of our first year here on a church plant, I just felt lame and frustrated that I couldn’t do anything.  God used the past couple months of sickness to humble me as I am a very performance oriented person.  Because I was sick, I had to depend on others and ask for help which I am not used to doing.  The sisters were over at my place almost every day, making me food, taking care of ellie, helping me get around.  Ellie and Jammy also got sick, so our whole family was out.  The sisters took rotations to be at home with me.  Michelle, Jenny and Eunice amidst their busy schedules during the day, watched Ellie because she couldn’t go to day care.  God has humbled me through this desert experience.  He showed me that I can not do things on my own strength and I need to depend on Him.  I do not have control over my life and the way things should go.  God taught me to come to Him and indeed my times with God in His Word and prayer became sweeter and sweeter as I just rested in knowing that I am dearly loved by Him even though I am not “doing” anything.  God has also humbled me by causing me to lean on others, to ask for help and experience the church in a much deeper way.  This passage gives me encouragement that God wants to use this desert time to help me depend on him more and it also shows me that in this way He is preparing me for the work he has in store for me in the coming years.

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  1. Jeff Chiu says:

    wow… “/ thank you for sharing Hannah.. I really hope you will get better soon..!

    I actually thought about you yesterday when I did this DT because the prayer for yesterday was John 6:63, the verse you shared with my class at our last class Bible Study before we graduated (and before you went to Riverside). Thank you for your spiritual leadership and example of faith. That verse has carried me and some other bros through some bad times!

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