May 16, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Joanna Kang, Gracepoint San Diego

Isaiah 58:8-14

Meditate on the glorious vision that God has for his people. What can I learn from the emphasis on not “doing as [I] please” in order for God’s vision to become a reality in my life?

God’s vision that God has for his people is so lofty and noble.  In verse 12, I can see that God wants his people to be able to “rebuild ancient ruins,” “raise up the age-old foundations,” “be called Repairer of Broken Walls,” and “Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”  God wants us to go out there and love people and through that raise them up from a degraded life, repair lives that have been broken down by sin and selfishness, and restore people to their identity as God’s precious children.

When I think about myself being called a “rebuilder,” “repairer,” and “restorer” of other peoples’ lives would’ve been laughable in my college years and even after because I was so selfish and just wanted to do my own thing.  Yet amazingly, God saved me, placed me in his church who re-parented me and showed me that as a daughter of God I cannot do as I pleased.  He gave me so many examples of people who denied themselves so they could love others.

Just thinking what it takes for one person to become Christian brings into the story of so many acts of sacrifice. For our church to even be there in San Diego, 18 people and their families had to leave behind friends, ministries, family, and jobs.  For me to even get to the point of desiring to serve God in this way took almost 12 years of my leaders pouring into my life love and guidance.

For example, Richard Leung has to stress out each week to prepare for C101, and would be at Starbucks every Sunday morning talking to himself and looking crazy as he practiced the lecture.  A lot of intellectual questions get answered through the apologetic talks that Daniel did such as Evidence for God, Case for Easter, and miracles.  So much work is invested into events where students can come and learn about Christianity.

When I think about all that had to happen for just one person to accept Christ, I am amazed at the stories of countless people sacrificing themselves for the sake of others and rejecting the selfish attitude of just “doing as I please.” It was through people being obedient to God and doing things that was not pleasing to them such as giving up real things like time, comfort, and money to build up the church. Reflecting on all of this gives me a deeper appreciation and bigger perspective to all the big and small ways I serve God.  It shows me that whatever little thing I do to deny myself whether it be doing dt, prayer band, cooking, cleaning, packing, planning, babysitting, encouraging others, ministering to whoever is in front of me, paying attention to bible studies, working through relationships, being faithful with the training I’ve received, struggling with my sin so that I have a deeper understanding of the gospel, and being sacrificial with money, that all of it builds up the church and brings us closer to fulfilling God’s vision for our lives to be called “rebuilders,” “repairers,” and “restorers” of other peoples’ lives.


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