June 6, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Gina Han, Gracepoint Davis

1 Timothy 6:6-10

Why would a person who wants to get rich “fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires?”

When I think of my life, I never really thought of myself as aspiring to be a millionaire. But instead, it’s that “little bit more” mentality, where it would be nice to just have enough for some buffer for a rainy day, a little bit saved away to make sure that in case something happens, I’m covered. But that is saying that my security rests in how much money I have, and I guess that could be the same idea even as someone who wants to get rich, because the bottom line is that your source of security rests in how much money you have. When I am focused on that little bit saved up for myself, then that is always on the back of my mind, when there is a need that comes up or an opportunity to love someone with my resources, and it could cause me to hold back. At the very least, it makes me unwilling to love someone in need, and that is a grave sin of omission, where someone who needs to experience the love of God through me cannot, because I am holding onto my money. It is the temptation to think that I am gaining more for myself when I hold onto my money. That’s a trap of Satan – because nothing could be farther from the truth. On the contrary, those who sow generously will reap generously, and those who hold onto their own lives selfishly will in the end lose it. I had the privilege of seeing this truth of the Bible concretely lived out, in this past year of serving with Pastor Jonathan and Susanna at our Davis church. I saw them sowing generously every day: their lives were fully available for others, from cooking nonstop for others, back to back to back counseling sessions, training and ministry meetings, late nights preparing for sermons or prayer meetings, financial sacrifices, praying and fasting for people, and on and on…count 13 years of that from the first days of starting our Davis church, and this past week’s Farewell for them as they move down to take on the church plant pastor and director of training role, was an amazing display of them reaping generously, as person after person expressed their gratitude and love for them, and we got to see the multitude of people who had come to know Jesus because of their love and sacrifice. What greater riches, than to know that because I did not hold onto my own riches and comforts in the world, I could be that kind of eternal blessing to many, and have this kind of spiritual richness.

These are the truths from the Bible, but the world tells us differently, and tells us to pursue our own creature comforts, money, our own fleshly desires, which leads us into that trap of giving our lives to what in the end will only leave us empty, when we could instead choose to live lives of true richness through giving of ourselves.

In what ways can the love of money potentially make me “wander from the faith” and bring grief, and ultimately plunge me “into ruin and destruction?”

This section starts out with verses 6-8 about being content with what we have, the basic needs of food and clothing, and that this kind of contentment comes from God. When I seek my happiness and contentment from other things of the world, including money, then I have lost the focus of my faith in God, and turned to other things for the love and security and significance that can only truly come from God. When I see money as that thing that can provide these things for me, I can see myself wandering from the basic truths of the Gospel that Jesus alone can save me and rescue me and be my rock solid foundation and strength even in the midst of the storms of life. And there are indeed many storms of life, many fears, many unforeseen circumstances. In these times, if my faith is not on the solid rock of Jesus alone as my source of security and significance, then I don’t stand a chance against the spiritual attacks of discouragement, depression, cynicism, rebelliousness. If I have indeed placed my hope in these other things based on money, by the time the storms come, it’s too late, and I can be plunged down that pathway of ruin and destruction, as I will not have that right foundation to remain faithful to God. I need to take this as a sober warning, and make sure that daily, I am placing my hopes in God through his Word, through prayer, through obedience, to build up that right foundation that will stand in the midst of the storms of life.


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