June 14, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Karen Maghamil, Gracepoint Davis

Psalm 2:1-6

In what ways do people “conspire” and “plot” against the Lord, and why is it “in vain?” People conspire and plot through trying to live life their own way. They might have learned about God, but they rebel against giving God sovereignty and authority over their lives and think that God can’t do anything if they choose not to follow him. There are those who outright want to demolish any belief in God by others and are on a campaign against him. It’s all in vain, because God is real, and he is sovereign, despite our willingness to follow him or not. And those who don’t follow experience the natural consequences of being outside of God’s loving boundaries. And so it is foolish to try to live life against God and to kick him out of our lives.

In what ways are people in greater bondage because of their rejection of God’s authority over their lives? People who reject God’s authority end up like the passage in Romans 1 describes. They live chasing after their desires, lusts, cravings and end up in a mess, with a lot of hurt and broken relationships, emptiness as the things they chase after don’t satisfy. And so they keep chasing after something else to fill that void. People are in bondage to all sorts of addictions – sexual, media, food, money. They are in greater bondage because God wants to give us peace and contentment and security and self-worth, but in chasing after these other things, people experience a loss of all of these.

In my experience with many of the students that we counsel and minister to, there are so many stories of people who thought that coming to college, they could flaunt all the restrictions that were given by parents, youth leaders, etc. Free from their watchful eye, and avoiding church in college as well, they plunged into drinking/partying, relationships, hook-ups, watching all the stuff that they ever wanted on their computers. A year later, many of them come wanting help, because they find themselves in a mess, with lives that are out of control and they don’t know what to do.

How do I view God’s rule over my life? I have learned that to have God in control over my life is always the best. Lem gave a final bible study in San Diego, where one of his main points was “always choose God” and it’s so true. As long as I choose God, even though the path seems uncertain and scary, and I’m not sure how I’ll do, it’s always better to be following God, because he is in control and he knows what he’s doing. It might be a painful lesson and molding that he has in store for me, but in the end, it produces a more tender relationship and personal understanding of God’s love and his good plan for my life.

For a long time, I kicked against the goads. God’s rule meant being transparent, building up relationships with other sisters, confession, being evangelistic, all things that I didn’t want to do and dreaded doing. But as I submitted myself to these things over the years, I’ve learned that God’s rule is for the best in my life. I experience a richness of life and wealth of relationships I never would have if I followed my own way. It was foolish that I resisted and waited so long.

Psalm 2:7-12

Why is submission not only the most appropriate but “wise” response to the LORD? Submission is appropriate because God has made Jesus sovereign over all the earth and everything is in his domain. He is LORD. But it’s also wise, because Jesus is ruler over all things and his mission is to establish God’s rule over all the earth. To rebel against him is not only pointless, because he can easily squash me, but it’s also so foolish because Jesus is the best king and to be under his rule is the best place I can be. Why would I want to be under someone else’s rule. Definitely my own kingdom is insecure and unable to provide me with anything good and trustworthy. It only led to much loneliness, struggling, insecurity as I was still trying to depend on my own resources (people, money) instead of seeing/experiencing that God really does take care of me.

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