July 6, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Devotion Sharing, Submitted by Pastor William Kang, Gracepoint Davis

1 Samuel 9:1-17

Reflect on the chain of events that brings Saul to Samuel. Saul’s dad lost some donkeys and asked Saul to go look for them.  Saul did.   Saul wasn’t lazy at all.  He looked like a faithful servant who wanted to carry out his father’s business.  He was so mindful of his father and his wishes.  He even had sense to know that his father would begin to worry more about him than the donkeys if Saul did not return.  Saul was going to, but was prompted by his servant to go see the seer, which led him to an unforgettable meeting with Samuel.

What insight does this give me on the potential of small events, e.g. a brief conversation with someone, a one-time encounter with the gospel, to lead to greater things in someone else’s life? What this tells me is that big things happen because of a string of small things.  Saul became King, but this title and role didn’t just land on Saul.  One thing led to another, and these things weren’t grandiose.  Saul listened to his father and then he looked for donkeys.  Saul listened to his servant and then looked for a Seer.  What this tells me is that I must never hold myself back from any activity because I think it’s too small or insignificant.  I am here because Pastor Ed listened to one of his students saying, “you have to meet this guy.”  How does salvation in any one soul happen?  It happens by handing out a flyer, by going to the DC, by having a simple conversation, by inviting them to a NSWN, by having talks, etc.  Salvation, discipleship and the raising of Christians and leaders happens through one small event at a time.  What strikes me about Saul is his humility and thoughtfulness.  He cared so much about his father’s desires.  He was also willing to listen to his father and to his servant.  He was very mindful of others and not himself.


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