July 7, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Jin Kim, Gracepoint Berkeley

1 Samuel 10:1-11

What can I learn about God from the way He assures His calling of Saul?  In what ways have I experienced God’s work in my life in this kind of way? One thing I can learn about God is that he is very concrete and specific. To assure his calling of Saul, he provided very specific incidents for Saul’s sake. God could have just said that Saul would be king and then have Samuel announce this before the kingdom. But it seems like God is very intentional in coming to Saul where he is. One thing that is clear about Saul is that he is very insecure. To accommodate this, God provides specific incidents that Samuel foretold and which Saul could point to as direct evidence that God wants him to be king. What I can also learn about God through this is that he pays very special attention to each person and to his/her needs. To this extent, he is a God of love and involved in helping and strengthening people. I have also experienced God’s work in my life in a similar way. I may not have a prophet who told me that specific incidents would happen to assure my calling as a minister. However, I do have the bible and verses such as 1 Peter 2:9 which say that I am God’s priest and representative, and to be involved in his work. I have the church and leaders who have tremendous vision for me. I remember being told by one of my leaders that he is praying for that day where I will finally break out of my shell to genuinely love people, and when I do, how powerfully God will work. I have Pastor Ed and Kelly who are always challenging us leaders to be more and do more, to take risks, and to raise us up. They have been spending exhausting weeks and days to perfectly craft this week’s ATTR so that I can be adequately trained. I have my direct leaders, who are always demanding the best from me because they have a clear vision for me to be a spiritual leader for many people, and to train me properly. And all of this is tremendous assurance because it all comes from people who know me, my past failures, my shortcomings, and my character flaws. And ultimately, God wants to use me as evidenced from his bible, the church, and my life’s situations. So though I may feel inadequate many times, I have these concrete evidence from the bible and from the church that God indeed wants my life to be used for him still.

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