August 25, 2011 Devotion Sharing

Submitted by Hyunjung Yu, Gracepoint Berkeley

2 Samuel 9:2-8

How must Mephibosheth have felt as he was being summoned by the king?

Mephibosheth must have been a lot of fear since he is the descendant of the current king’s enemy. He may have even feared harm or death as he was being summoned by David thinking that David thought of him as a political threat or potential for trouble in his kingdom.

How must Mephibosheth have felt when he heard David say, “Don’t be afraid…for I will show you kindness… I will restore to you all…and you will always eat at my table”?

I think it would have taken him some time to really believe what David was saying since he probably wasn’t sure where David was coming from. He probably didn’t expect David to be such a generous king who would repay Saul’s family with mercy and kindness.

I also think Mephibosheth would have felt like it almost doesn’t make sense for David to be this kind to him and how this is almost illogical and that much more amazed. I think this would have caused him to feel very undeserved.

Why is Mephibosheth’s response to David’s kindness so right and appropriate?

Mephibosheth is the grandson of Saul who lost his blessings and kingdom as a result of his sins against God. It was God’s will and His response to the sins that Saul had committed. As a result, Mephibosheth’s whole family is destroyed and he becomes crippled in the process. Now, he lives with no such glory or status but as a person who has to shoulder the shame and the fear of living as a descendant of Saul. I think many interpretations could have been going on in Mephibosheth’s mind regarding how and why his life became the way it is. He was to be a prince and maybe a king one day himself had it not been for the sins of his grandfather. He may have not become crippled had it not been for the fleet that caused his disability. His family may have had a chance at recovering the throne had it not been for David’s presence.  I think many of these thoughts could have immediately put Mephibosheth into victim complex or made him blame Saul, David and God for the things that had happened in his life. But instead he takes this humble posture and calls himself a dead dog that doesn’t deserve to be noticed. How could he be like this? I think it’s because he noticed the seriousness of the sin and disobedience that was committed through his family and acknowledged that God has the right to do what he did even if that meant the lowly life as a crippled man that he was living. His identity is a “dead dog” and he can humbly bow down before David because he sees how being under God’s wrath is not a small matter and because he knew his place as a servant of David whom God had chosen to glorify His kingdom. That’s why it’s a right and appropriate picture.
2 Samuel 9:11-13

Reflect on this picture of Mephibosheth, crippled in both feet, eating “at David’s table like one of the king’s sons.”  In what ways have I been the recipient of this kind of incredibly undeserved grace from God?

In many ways, I can identify well with the crippled Mephibosheth sitting at David’s table. Because of my sins, I am crippled and lame. My deeply seeded negativism, cynicism, victim complex, worldliness all leave me dysfunctional in some way or another and not fit to serve Him or love others.  I feel blind in that I think I see but I really don’t see the depth of my sins and only to realize much later how far I have wandered off. I feel like a leper in that I am desensitized to God’ s true holiness.

Yet, I have received the incredible grace of God through salvation and becoming part of His people. I am an undeserved sinner crippled, with leprosy and blind who sits at His table as His child feasting on all kinds of blessings that He has granted me- the Gospel that promises me eternal life, the Word of God that offers me Truth, the Church that helps me to experience God’s work, God’s people who love me, teach me and encourage me and so many more things. I see how odd and strange-looking  this picture is (just like Mephibosheth sitting David’s table), me sitting as His table as His child but God has granted me this kind of undeserved and amazing grace.


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