October 13, 2011 Devotion Sharing (Daniel 9)

Submitted by Anonymous
Daniel 9:1–19

Write your personal Daniel 9:4-5 and 17-19 that you can start your prayer with when you are in some desperate situation where you are asking God for his mercy and intervention.

Lord, you are great and awesome. You are the ruler of the universe. You never change and you are always faithful, which is why we can always trust in you. We are all such wretched sinners, who sin deliberately against you again and again. Yet somehow whenever we turn to you, when we repent and show the slightest inclination to try to love and obey you, you run to us like a father waiting for his prodigal son to come home. I don’t understand it, Lord, but thank you so much for your incredible love and mercy! I’ve sinned today against you, rebelled against you, in tons of ways I’m not even aware of, so please have mercy on me. Thank you for letting me come into your presence. Because you are good, because you are faithful to your own character, please hear my cries today. It’s totally not because of any righteousness in me, not because of any shred of good in me at all that you hear me out. But because you need to act on your own behalf, you need to accomplish your will for your own glory, you need work mightily to show people who you are, I have the confidence that you will hear my cries.

Write a prayer of intercession for someone who needs to be delivered from some sin, modeling after Daniel’s prayer.

Lord, I’m crying out for —-, who desperately needs you to show him what a sinner he is. Please convict him of his sins, and burst his bubble about himself as he’s proud and stubborn. I’m a loss about what to do, so please move in his heart, Lord! Lord, you are merciful, you are powerful, you indeed are the only one who can shake him out of his delusion about himself and humble him. God, I too am a wretched sinner – proud and stubborn, not wanting anyone telling me what to do, always affirming my own thoughts and trying to believe the best picture about myself, and making one excuse after another for why I’m the way I am. I’m just like him, and yet you have had great mercy on me, you have convicted me of my great sinfulness and rescued me from my delusions about myself. Lord, have mercy on us. Just as you have rescued me and shown great mercy to me, please have mercy on him and save him from his pride. In keeping with your pattern of mercy, please forgive us our sins, mine as well as his, and please hear my desperate cries for him. Please do something and don’t delay, Lord. He cannot keep going on like this, thinking himself to be a fine Christian, and yet damaging relationships left and right. For the sake of your great name, please work mightily to save him.

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