November 29, 2011 Devotion Sharing (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

Submitted by Jeannie L. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Oh come Lord Jesus, please come quickly.  Thank you that you are my Emmanuel God with me. I was captive to my sin, and living in exile, distant and isolated, because of my own sins and jealousies, my own bitterness and resentments, my own strife and envy and quarrels.  And you ransomed me.  thank you for paying my ransom. Thank you for redeeming my unworthy life. I was indeed mourning in lonely exile, the exile of my own thoughts and sin, thinking that no one understands my situation, thinking that no one cares, thinking that I have to fend for myself, that I am alone. I was, but you appeared, and brought me back home from my self-imposed exile.  I become captive again and again and you bring me home again and again.

Lord, because of that, I shall rejoice, because you are with me.  Lord, come and cheer my spirit with your presence.  Your presence disperses the gloomy clouds of night and casts away death’s dark shadows.  Indeed, my life was gloomy, and my thoughts clouded with darkness and death overshadowed my life, and still threatens to overtake me, but you solved that with eternal life.  I now experience LIFE, and community instead of gloomy exile.  I know that regardless of whatever Satan throws at me in life, that I am safe at home with You, for eternity.  because of that, I can be cheerful and rejoice.

Lord, my pathways are often cloudy and foggy, and there are rocks and other obstacles that make me stumble and fall, and so I ask of you to come and to order my life, to bring order to the chaos of my worries and thoughts, to guide me to the path of knowledge and please to cause me in those ways to go.  My own wisdom and the wisdom of the world has only gotten me further into trouble and has only led me in the wrong ways.  I need your principles, I need your values, I need your presence literally to nudge me down the right ways, to help me to think proper thoughts, to order and elevate my values and tastes.

And lastly Lord, my desire, I ask of your presence to help me to be at peace in my heart and mind.  I desperately need that peace to guard my heart and mind, to reassure me that you are sovereign and in control.  When terror surrounds me and fears overtake me, Lord, fill my heart with your peace and quiet and calm and assurance that YOU ARE GOD almighty God.  And please cause the envy and strife to cease around me. Lord, I pray that I may be an agent of your peace to others, as I have experienced your comfort for my life.  And your peace that you give me, the fullness and richness and contentment of being found in you, that you bestow upon me, help me Lord, to be a source of that love and light and warmth and peace to others around me who are in desperate need of it, who are in exile now.  I pray that I can be that to my own husband and children.  Please protect them, please protect us lord.  Please protect our church, our ministries, our people, my brothers and sisters.  Lord, come quickly.

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