March 21 – Devotion Sharing (Luke 19)

Submitted by Ken H. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church,

Luke 19:32

  • How might the disciples have felt when they found things just as Jesus told them?

The disciples’ response to finding things just as Jesus told them might be a mix of amazement (on how Jesus had already prepared for the colt ahead of them) and, at the same time, a sense of affirmation of their decision to dutifully obey Jesus’ somewhat odd request and seeing the request being fulfilled and carried out just as Jesus said it would.

Luke 19:33-34

  • What should my response be to “The Lord needs it”?

My response to the prompting of “The Lord needs it” should be to recognize that first God owns whatever I possess, whether it is time or money, and  whatever I give or yield to God would be used for his purpose and can be multiplied by God to make eternal differences in God’s kingdom.   And therefore, there should be no or little hesitation in my response when I hear such prompting, to readily yield and give out of gladness and conviction.  There should also even be a sense of privilege, to be asked to meet a need by the Lord.

However in reality, I think whenever when I heard the prompting “The Lord needs it,” my response can be dependent on whether I am asked to give out of lack or out of abundance.  It is often the case that my heart feels that sense of tightness, feeling that I am being asked to give out of my lack, whether it is my time or my resources.  One of the responses can be to actually disobey, and to come up with excuses for myself to ignore the needs right in front of me (e.g., I don’t have enough time; I don’t have the resources and the money, I don’t have what it takes; other people can do it and are better suited to meet this need…etc.).  Another common response would be to actually try to obey and carry out God’s request to meet the needs, but to do so begrudgingly or half-heartedly, without much conviction and gladness.  Without giving my heart and doing so with such double-mindedness, I am also robbing God of what he is entitled to—my complete effort, talent, time, money, and can ultimately undermine what God is trying to do in meeting this need.

  • What are some things that God is asking me to release for His usage?

(1) I think first and foremost God is asking me for my complete effort and heart when I am trying to carry out his directive for me to meet a need, especially as it relates to ministering or caring for the people placed in my life.  God knows the difference between when I am serving to honor him, being detailed in caring for a person’s needs, and actively praying for this person, versus just going through the motion, doing just what’s the minimum or what is expected of me from others;

(2) God is also asking me to release for his usage my money and my time.  If I take notice, I will be able to see the various needs around me that my time and resources can be yielded to God so that these needs can be met.  Often, money and time are two of my most protective things in my mind, and the things that cause much tightness in my heart.  What makes letting these things go and yielding these things to God and others easier is to practice generosity and being committed to giving without hesitation or second guessing my decision.  I find this very helpful as I learn to let go the grip of money and time and the tightness I feel when I just immediately release them and commit them to God and to others.  Over time, God has helped me to giving rather than worrying about my lack or being anxious over things that are really God’s to begin with.

Luke 19:42

  • Reflect on Jesus’ lament, and think about a situation in which someone you cared about seemed bent on pursuing something that you knew would not bring him/her peace.  In what ways do people of our day misunderstand their true need?

Jesus’ lament was directed to the people in Jerusalem who misunderstood what would bring true peace to them and meet their true need.  The lament also focused on the pending consequences and destructions for missing these truths.  Likewise people today and in the past can all misunderstand their true needs by focusing on their “here and now”, rather than building a personal relationship with Jesus through repentance and forgiveness of sin, which would ultimately bring the peace that is completely secured, indestructible and cannot be taken away.   The concerns of the “here & now” pertaining to temporarily securing one’s livelihood and happiness in life through the pursuit of money, thrills, and entertainment.  This is in fact the life that many of my friends and family pursue.  Unfortunately, while such pursuits may be legitimate at times, and may bring temporary reliefs and purpose to one’s life, they ultimately fall short in meeting one’s true need, and I see many of my friends and family members end up living with fear and anxiety over their lives and their future, rather than having complete peace. That is why Jesus had said “seek first his kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33); without the peace that comes from having one’s true need met through the forgiveness of sins and having a personal relationship with Jesus, one ultimately faces life and his future with fear and insecurity. 

  • Do I understand what would bring me peace? 

Likewise in my life, I can allow myself to be more concerned with meeting the needs of the “here and now” rather than seeking first the peace that comes from connecting with my personal relationship with Jesus.  I can allow the busyness of my schedule, work, anxieties, frustration with others, and my own sins and struggles all become an obstacles to a relationship with Jesus.  Again, I need to seek first and the priority of always going before God daily to confess and to repent, to seek his mercy and forgiveness, so that my life can be characterized by such peace and confidence in being secured in my relationship with Jesus.

PERSONAL PRAYER                                                           

Please write out a prayer of commitment or confession either based on today’s text or upon reflection over recent events in your life.

Dear God: I thank you for allowing me to have the opportunities in my life to serve and to give whatever I have, which is all yours.  For I am an unworthy servant, and I pray that I will continue to lose the grasp I have for my life, my time, and resources so that these things can be released and be multiplied by you to serve the needs in the kingdom of God.  I also pray for myself that I will never lose sight of what can really bring me true peace, with is a personal relationship with you and a life of seeking you and humble submission to you.  I pray for many others, and especially those whom you have already placed in my life, who do not know what this peace is yet, to seek you and to heed your truths and warnings.  I pray that you will give me the wisdom to be able to introduce the gospel into their lives so that they may also enjoy this peace that is forever secured and cannot be taken away.  In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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