About Gracepoint Devotions

Gracepoint Devotions is a devotional resource used by members of Gracepoint in Berkeley, CA. Gracepoint is a Berkeley church with a diverse congregation and ministries located near UC Berkeley and Oakland.

The devotionals and resources on found on this site are available for public use. We pray that by using them you will love God and others more dearly. Devotional sharing by Pastor Ed Kang and Kelly Kang can be found on their person blogs (links provided below).

Please enjoy the the resources, and please feel free to comment.

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One Response to “About Gracepoint Devotions”

  1. Martin says:


    Thank you for faithfully updating and maintaining this valuable resource to help us in deepening our relationship with Jesus! I just have one quick suggestion, would it be possible divide the webpage into two columns, and then “sticky” the most current devotional sharing so that it appears alongside each other? Right now for me it’s not very intuitive to scroll down past several commentaries to reach the sharing… but maybe it’s just me. Thanks again!


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