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Devotions in the New Testament

May-June DT Notebook: Hebrews

Here are the devotionals for the next few weeks. We will be covering the book of Hebrews. Please see below for some additional help from our Hebrews training. Word Doc | pdf

Hebrews Training

The following videos of our Hebrews training will help immensely. Please use them to aid your devotionals. Here is the entire folder of files for easier download. Introduction Chapter 1 – God Has Spoken Hebrews 1:5-2:4 Listening to the Son Hebrews 2:5-3:2 The Incarnation of the Son Hebrews 3:3-4:16 Entering God’s Rest Hebrews 5:1-10:25 Hebrews […]

Nov-Dec DT Notebook

For November-December, we will be going through John 13-21, one chapter a week. We’ve also changed the format a bit as follows. Sunday Message Notes: We put in a few blank pages for Sunday for those of you who want to use it to take notes. Monday: Devoted for Sunday message review. Since it’s important to review […]

2014 Sept – October DT Notebook

This Fall we will be going through devotionals in the book of John. The soft copy of the notebook is available here for download. DT2014_Sep-Oct_8.5x7_FINAL

The Life of Apostle Paul 8/25-8/30

The last week of August we will be going over passages on Apostle Paul’s life as a minister. Please be sure to download the passage and the reflection questions. DT_LifeOfApostlePaul EHK 2014-08-20 Final2

2014 June DT Notebook

Here is the new DT Notebook for June 2014. We will be studying the book of Colossians! Colossians – June 2014 *Correction* : vv. 11-12a 11-14 is interesting in that the first half invokes a series of strong realities all of which are intended to lead the Colossians to do what? Why would this be […]

2014 May DT Notebook

Here is the new DT Notebook for May 2014! DT2014_May_8.5x7_FINAL_20140429 There is a correction on Thursday, May 8 included in this updated file. James 1:26-27 is missing in the printed notebook. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Revelation 17-22 Notes

Some helpful commentary: Commentary for Revelation 17-22 v2  

Revelation 20-22 Devotional Questions

Helpful devotional questions: 20131231-dtquestions_Revelation_20-22

Revelation 17-19 Devotional Questions

Helpful devotional questions: 20131230-dtquestions_Revelation_17-19