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The Bible Project

The Bible Project has sketchnote-like animated walkthroughs of different books of the Bible, as well as animations of biblical themes like holiness and heaven/earth. Some examples: Genesis Part 1 Genesis Part 2 Numbers 1 Corinthians Hebrews Romans Holiness Messiah Heaven/Earth

March-April DT Notebook: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Here are the devotionals for March – April. We will be covering the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Word Doc | pdf

Gracepoint DT 2014 Hymns

Gracepoint Devotionals 2014 Hymns Search Me O God Words | Music Take Time To Holy Words | Music Week 1 Holy Holy Holy Words | Music

2014 Jan-Apr DT Notebook

Here is the new DT Notebook for 2014! DT2014_Jan-Apr_FINAL_PRINT

Micah 5-7 Devotional Questions

Helpful devotional questions: 20130926-dtquestions_micah_5-7

Deuteronomy 16-24, Joshua 1-5, & Psalm 45-49 Notes

Some helpful notes: Commentary_Deut16-34_Joshua1-5_Psalm 45-49_20130228

Deuteronomy 1-15 Notes

Some helpful notes on Deuteronomy 1-15: DT commentary for Deuteronomy 1-15

Tabernacle & Sacrificial System

Here are some helpful background information on the OT Tabernacle and the Sacrificial System as well as their connections to Jesus and the NT: Christ in the Tabernacle This pdf is adapted from the following resources (retrieved 2/1/13): http://media.hhbc.com/pdfs/oneyearbible/tabernacle-christ.pdf http://www.cfcindia.com/web/mainpages/articles.php?display=article23 Below are additional pictures from Logos Bible Software: (click on the image for a larger […]

Welcome to Gracepoint Devotions!

Welcome to Gracepoint Devotions!  We hope this site will be a useful resource for your personal devotions. The latest devotion time (DT) packets will now be available for download at the sidebar to your right a few month’s worth at a time, in the section “Download Devotional Texts.”  With this new format, we will not […]

Devotion Time: November 15-21, 2010

Suggested Instructions Read the assigned passage for the day and answer the reflection question(s) provided.  There are no memory verses. Click here to download DT Packet. Daily Devotion and Bible Reading Plan Monday              11/15                 Revelation 9:13-21 Tuesday              11/16       […]