November 30, 2011 Devotion Sharing (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

Submitted by Michelle S. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

We need to be saved from endless envy, strife and quarrels.  None of us experience the heaven’s peace as we are constantly at war within our souls, particularly our desires that are unfulfilled.  Jesus has come to deal with our unholy and incorrect desires, to bind it to one desire that will bring peace.  We are plagued with many of our own desires that are in conflict with other desires and if we get all we want, we end in destruction.  Only God’s holy desires are what will bring peace to all of us.  I am reminded of what Jesus said in Luke 19:42 “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace – but now it is hidden from your eyes.”  The problem is that we do not know what would bring us peace.  Only God could bring us together.  There is a lot of strife because my desires are not the same as God’s.  One true sign that Jesus is the Savior would be because He is able to bring salvation and unite His people.  He can bring true peace to people who do not know how to find peace.  There will be no more violence and no more of hatred and strife.  It’s so tiring to live life and it seems so hopeless because our desires are winning the battle.  I see people who are not able to find peace because they need to fend for themselves constantly.  The quarrels we have, the desire to not be taken advantage of, the desire to not be the only one who is left behind… so much strife and angst.


Submitted by Sieun C. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Lord, you see how broken and mangled this world is, how we are captive prisoners to a system that either sends us through horrors and misery and breaks us, or blinds us from the true state of our lives that it’s going to end in death. The more I do your work and try to embrace people, I get convicted more and more that this is the state of everyone, that we’re all captive and desperately in need of you. And you saw this all along and had this amazing redemption plan ready. I don’t know how I somehow stumbled upon this path, how you found me and brought me onto this path, but I thank you for entering into this dark and broken world to bring salvation to us, to your people who were held captive. We love darkness, I love darkness, yet each time, you shed light on my path, reminding me of what my darkness led me to, and you show me through the broken lives of people around me that it’s something so universal, it’s something I need to hold as my greatest weapon and greatest treasure to share. Help me never to buy into the lies of this world as I remember my own brokenness and how even the best of human efforts cannot thwart death, mistrust, strive, or envy. Your way of life is true wisdom, your way of life is what is beautiful and the way things are meant to be. I pray that as I end this year and confirm this as true, that next year will be yet another year of committing to this and becoming increasingly convicted, especially as we take on greater ministry responsibilities. I think about the students under my care who recognize the strife and emptiness in this world. May each of them come find you, our Day-spring, who lifts the clouds and brings light into our darkened hearts and lives. May they find you the true source of wisdom and guidance in this life, apart from whom our lives will always be filled with envy, strife, quarrel, and with no peace.

Thank you for being our Emmanuel God who came to be with us, that you saw us held ransomed captive, and you came fully knowing the suffering and grief you would go through. I pray that as I grow in understanding how this is the only solution in this dark world, that my life too can emulate the being with and suffering life that you lived out for me….

November 29, 2011 Devotion Sharing (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

Submitted by Jeannie L. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Oh come Lord Jesus, please come quickly.  Thank you that you are my Emmanuel God with me. I was captive to my sin, and living in exile, distant and isolated, because of my own sins and jealousies, my own bitterness and resentments, my own strife and envy and quarrels.  And you ransomed me.  thank you for paying my ransom. Thank you for redeeming my unworthy life. I was indeed mourning in lonely exile, the exile of my own thoughts and sin, thinking that no one understands my situation, thinking that no one cares, thinking that I have to fend for myself, that I am alone. I was, but you appeared, and brought me back home from my self-imposed exile.  I become captive again and again and you bring me home again and again.

Lord, because of that, I shall rejoice, because you are with me.  Lord, come and cheer my spirit with your presence.  Your presence disperses the gloomy clouds of night and casts away death’s dark shadows.  Indeed, my life was gloomy, and my thoughts clouded with darkness and death overshadowed my life, and still threatens to overtake me, but you solved that with eternal life.  I now experience LIFE, and community instead of gloomy exile.  I know that regardless of whatever Satan throws at me in life, that I am safe at home with You, for eternity.  because of that, I can be cheerful and rejoice.

Lord, my pathways are often cloudy and foggy, and there are rocks and other obstacles that make me stumble and fall, and so I ask of you to come and to order my life, to bring order to the chaos of my worries and thoughts, to guide me to the path of knowledge and please to cause me in those ways to go.  My own wisdom and the wisdom of the world has only gotten me further into trouble and has only led me in the wrong ways.  I need your principles, I need your values, I need your presence literally to nudge me down the right ways, to help me to think proper thoughts, to order and elevate my values and tastes.

And lastly Lord, my desire, I ask of your presence to help me to be at peace in my heart and mind.  I desperately need that peace to guard my heart and mind, to reassure me that you are sovereign and in control.  When terror surrounds me and fears overtake me, Lord, fill my heart with your peace and quiet and calm and assurance that YOU ARE GOD almighty God.  And please cause the envy and strife to cease around me. Lord, I pray that I may be an agent of your peace to others, as I have experienced your comfort for my life.  And your peace that you give me, the fullness and richness and contentment of being found in you, that you bestow upon me, help me Lord, to be a source of that love and light and warmth and peace to others around me who are in desperate need of it, who are in exile now.  I pray that I can be that to my own husband and children.  Please protect them, please protect us lord.  Please protect our church, our ministries, our people, my brothers and sisters.  Lord, come quickly.

November 28, 2011 Devotion Sharing (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

Submitted by Ahmi K. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Reflect on the promise of Emmanuel that was fulfilled in the coming of Jesus, and that stands as a continuing promise for all of Christ’s followers.

Having come from convalescent home visits and witnessing the bleakness of life at end, I see how true it is that we are captive and in exile – that is the true state of humanity, and only those who are rescued by Jesus can rejoice. There is no other source of rejoicing. Emmanuel – God with us. That is the only hope we have. Really, at the end of the day, there is utter loneliness and exile from where we belong to which we need to return.

Submitted by Susanna L. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

The Bible describes Christians as aliens and strangers in the world. In what ways can you identify with this sense of not being quite at home in the world?

The ways that I can identify with the sense of not being quite at home in the world have to do with the values of this world.  This world is all about striving to be somebody, to make a name for oneself, and to leave a legacy behind.  There is no genuine love or compassion in the world.  It is all directed to the elevation and preservation of the self with the limited resources in this world.  It is all abut what is before our five physical senses.  Reality stops with our senses.  There is no greater cause or purpose.  But God’s kingdom is so radically different.  First, the reality of God’s kingdom doesn’t end with our physical senses.  It is a spiritual reality that is to last eternally.  God is love.  The oxygen of His kingdom is love, unconditional love.  We are valued not based on our appearance or performance but on our relationship to God—the fact that we have been created and we are adopted by God Himself as Our Heavenly Father.  The reality of our identification with God is the radical and eternal difference.  Because of God as He is the one and only Creator, there is abundance.  I no longer need to compete in this scarce world for attention and to be someone.  My daughtership with God is more than enough.  All that striving can now be channeled to do what I was designed to be:  to love God and to love others as God loves me and to bring the Good News of the Gospel to those who do not know their Maker.

Submitted by Sieun C. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Reflect on the words “captive Israel,” and “until the Son of God appear.”  Describe how all humanity is captive, and cannot save itself, that we need to be “ransomed,” and that our only hope is that “the Son of God appear.”

We are captive in this world, even if the world blinds us and fools us into thinking all is good and we can have rest and peace in this world.  The reality is that ultimately there’s death and because of this we experience hopelessness, brokenness, lostness, a sense that something is missing and incomplete in this world. We seek after solutions in romance, ambition, and community, but apart from God, it’s temporal with no real answer. The phrase “captive Israel” describes all of humanity.  And God looked down and at all of history, and his heart grieved, became broken, He saw that there was no solution, no one who can solve the problem, and he rolled back his sleeves and entered history to ransom us from captivity.

Submitted by Jeannie L. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Write a prayer in response to today’s passages.

Thank you God for answering the cry of my heart, of our hearts, that you CAME, O Emmanuel.  I was captive to my own sin. And indeed I moaned mournfully, and was groping along blindly trying to find my way in this world.  I stumbled and was falling, and though I seemed strong, I was dead, dead inside, dead spiritually.  I tried to find my way in people, finding friends who I thought would be there for me, but they were not Emmanuel, God WITH ME.  I tried to find my way in the world, trying this or that, trying to fit in, but even though I fit in, I was not at home.

Lord, the more I live life, the more I see the words of this hymn are so true.  We are all captive in some way, and cannot save ourselves.  Captive to the world’s values, captive to our own selfish desires, captive to expectations of others upon us, captive to people we want to please, captive to idols, captive to money.  We are hopeless indeed, and utterly sinful, groping about trying to find hope and meaning in a dark and unfriendly world.  Thank you for your deliverance!

Thank you Lord, that you were appalled by my sin and my darkness and that you yourself, came, robed in flesh, and came to intervene, that you worked salvation with your own mighty hand and compassion.  Thank you for seeing my plight, hearing my cries, and coming down to be with me.  I feel like a stranger and alien indeed here in this world, so thank you that you came to rescue me from my sin and to give me a new home and new purpose.

Thank you for your promise to be with me to the very end of the age.  That comforts me more than anything in the world, that I am safe with you, that I have come home and can find peace and contentment in you, that I can find rest from the burden of my own sins and others’ sins.  I know that whatever comes, whatever happens, it will be okay because of your Emmanuel presence.  Please give me that small mustard seed of faith to trust that truth and cling to it for the rest of my days.


Devotion Time November 21-26, 2011

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Devotion Time October 24th – November 5th, 2011

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October 17, 2011 Devotion Sharing (Matthew 6)

Write a personal prayer in response to the verses in the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to see that if your name is to be honored and your will done throughout the world, it starts with my life. I recommit my life to honoring your name and doing your will, surrendering my time, energy, and resources to you so that your kingdom may be furthered here on earth. Thank you for the privilege of being part of your kingdom and being able to share it with others. There is nothing else in this world that I could give my life to; you provide my life with eternal meaning and purpose, but I need to be reminded of this fact each day in the face of numerous demands on my time and focus. Thank you for this reminder of what my life should be about and the privilege I have been given.

Give us today our daily bread.
I am dependent on you each day for life itself. I often forget that basic fact, and I think I can achieve some sort of security on my own, through my hard work and efforts. I forget how frail I am, how easily everything can be taken away by an accident or some illness. I cannot secure my own life, much less the lives of those I love. So please give me my daily bread for today – sustain me and protect me for another day of life, so that I may live out my commitments to you.

Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
You know my sins, oh God, the ways my heart wanders away from you and seeks security in my own accomplishments; the ways I am caught up in myself and furthering my own ambitions rather than loving the people you have placed around me; the ways I resist your call to deny myself, take up my cross daily and follow you. Please have mercy on me, and forgive me for these debts to you. Please give me another chance, another day to live out your commands, not because I deserve it, but because you are a God who is gracious and compassionate. Likewise, help me to be merciful towards those I feel have wronged me. I know that my feelings are sometimes unjustified, so please forgive me for those feelings as well. But as I have been forgiven so much, do not let me sin against you by holding onto grudges against anyone else.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
Guard me from temptation, oh God, because you know my weaknesses. You know exactly what I can handle and you always provide a way out, so help me to be humble and to flee from temptation. Deliver me from all of Satan’s attacks, because I know the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour me. Even though I am weak, but that your strength is made perfect in weakness and that you are greater than our enemy. So please deliver me, help me to be vigilant, and to flee from temptations I will face today.

October 14, 2011 Devotion Sharing (Nehemiah 1)

Submitted by David W. from Gracepoint Berkeley Church

Nehemiah 1:1-4
“In 586 B.C. Jerusalem had fallen to the Babylonians. Besieged, attacked and burned, Jerusalem was left in ruins. … When the Persian Empire succeeded the Babylonians, the exiled Jews were allowed to return home to resettle their homeland. Nehemiah is one of the children of the exile and most likely grew up entirely in exile.”[1]
Notice that Nehemiah’s questions about Jerusalem end up fundamentally disrupting his life. Do I want to know the truth about needy people, troubled situations, or other potentially “messy” situations, or do I try to limit the range of my concerns so that I can preserve a sense of personal tranquility?
Nehemiah’s seemingly innocent question ended up drastically changing his life. The answer to his question became something that consumed him and became the purpose for his life. But it all started with his question and his interest and concern about Jerusalem and the remnant that survived the exile. I think I have been growing in my capacity to want to know the truth about needy people, troubled situations, or other potentially “messy” situations as I have grown older over the years and hopefully a little more mature, a little more selfless, and a little more other-centered. Especially serving in college ministry, this is something that I am challenged with constantly. I do want to know the truth about needy people, troubled situations and other potentially messy situations, to try and help them, to do something about it, as God has called me to do. However, I do also recognize the temptations to limit the range of my concerns to that I can preserve a sense of personal tranquility. I do recognize the times where I know if I dig deeper or get more involved, it’s going to take up a lot of time, emotional energy, difficult conversations, and the like, and I hesitate. I start to analyze and see if I can estimate how long this might take and if I can work that around what I want to do, my agenda, and if I have enough “resources” to handle it. It becomes very calculating and cold, not loving and embracing of the person and the situation. I think I still do this at times, and I do need to continue to grow in sacrificing myself and embracing that person and situation to find out the truth and to involve myself, no matter what the cost.

Notice Nehemiah’s reaction to the news he received. What is my typical reaction when I am confronted with facts that cause me concern, or burden my heart?
Nehemiah’s reaction to the news he received was to sit down and weep. Bu it wasn’t just a momentary thing. It affected him for days, where he would mourn, fast and pray to God. It encompassed him completely. He could not do other things. My typical reaction when I am confronted with facts that cause me concern, or burden my heart, is one of two different possibilities. I either start to get anxious and want to be very active, to get to work and make a checklist of tasks, of things that need to get done, to try and address or solve whatever it is that is causing me concern or burden. Or, if nothing can be done directly about the situation that is causing me burden, I try to distract myself with being busy with other things, other tasks, so that I don’t have to think about it. I don’t often really let the facts sink in and stay with me, to ruminate and stew in me, to meditate, mourn, fast and pray about them. I can try to move on very quickly to the next thing, the next thing I need to take care of. This is an area that I need to grow in, to not just be a person who wants to always be active and just do things, but to connect my heart, my mind and my spirit with what I am doing, with what I am taking in, with the things that I hear about and cause concern and burden. I need to be more intentional about slowing down, reflecting, and connecting more with my emotional side, as that is something that I’m not very good at. I need to allow myself to mourn for what God would mourn about, to personally connect with and engage and tackle the issue not through action first, but through fasting and prayer as demonstrated by Nehemiah.

Nehemiah 1:5-11
What are some notable elements of Nehemiah’s prayer?

Some notable elements of Nehemiah’s prayer include Nehemiah praising God for who He is, a great and awesome God who keeps His covenant of love with those who love Him and obey His commands, Nehemiah taking responsibility and confession not just for his own sin, but for the sins of the Israelites as a whole, himself and his father’s house, Nehemiah recalling the promises of God to Moses, and Nehemiah’s request of God to listen to his prayer and the prayer of His servants and for favor and success in his endeavors. Even though Nehemiah was so greatly affected by the sad news and the sad state of Jerusalem and his people, he is able to praise God for who He is. That is pretty amazing. He doesn’t let events or current circumstances color or change his view or understanding of God. Nehemiah also accepts responsibility for and repents on behalf of his people for all of their sins and their wickedness. That is definitely very notable, as it seems nowadays people have trouble accepting responsibility and repenting for their own sins, much less the sins of other people. Nehemiah knew God’s promises that He had made to Moses and claimed them for himself and this situation, and he depended on God for the current circumstance. In all of these things, Nehemiah demonstrates how to pray to God and some amazing attitudes on his part. I don’t think that my prayers always look like this, especially in the face of very large, disheartening, difficult situations. Often, my prayers just go straight to supplication, asking for help, asking for success from God. I don’t often praise God for who He is in difficult circumstances. I try to accept and repent for my own sins, but I don’t always take on the burden of others’ sins as my own. I hope that I can see and emulate Nehemiah’s prayer and just the intricacy and many levels of relating with God through prayer, instead of just focusing on one aspect and missing out on the rest.

Nehemiah refers to God as the great and awesome God. How can Nehemiah view God this way given what has happened to Jerusalem? Can I affirm that God is great and awesome regardless of the shifting fortunes of my life?
Nehemiah does refer to God as the great and awesome God. He can view God in this way given what has happened to Jerusalem because his view of God is not changed by circumstances, even if they are bad or difficult. He is aware of the rebelliousness, wickedness and sin of the Israelites before God, how they did not obey His decrees, commands and laws, and thus were bearing the consequences for their own actions and their own sins. But he knows God’s character, who God is, and faithfully clings to that. It is often hard for me to do the same, to affirm that God is great and awesome regardless of the shifting fortunes of my life. Especially when things are difficult and not going well, when I’m facing a lot of challenges, hardships or things not going my way, it’s hard for me to praise God for who He is. But mentally I know the truth, and I know that God is constant and faithful, and that my view of Him and how I relate to Him should not be so fickle or dependent upon circumstances, especially when the difficulties and challenges I am facing are not all that big in the grand scheme of things. I have been learning over the years to not be so easily swayed by circumstances and to be able to praise God even in the difficulties, but I think this is definitely an area that I can continue to grow in a lot, through prayer, reflection, recounting and remembering God’s faithfulness and His many blessings in my life that I don’t deserve, that I didn’t earn.