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Philippians 4 Commentary

v. 1 “Whom I . . . long for, epipothetoi, recalls 1:8, and expresses his ardent desire to see them again. […] The Greek word for crown, stephanos, besides the figurative meaning which expresses ten­der love, was commonly used to denote the festive garland, worn as a sign of gladness, or the wreath awarded to […]

Philippians 3 Commentary

v.1 “There is a certain indestructibility in Christian joy; and it is so, because Christian joy is in the Lord.  Its basis is that the Christian lives forever in the presence of Jesus Christ.  He can lose all things, and he can lose all people, but he can never lose Christ.  And, therefore, even in […]

Philippians 2 Commentary

v.2 “On the basis of what they have in Christ, Paul now appeals to the Philippians to behave in such a way as will ‘make [his] joy complete’ (v.2).  The Philippians have already brought him joy (1:4; cf. 4:1), and if their behavior reflects their common life in Christ, they will fulfill Paul’s joy.  The […]

Philippians 1 Commentary

v.1 “Paul’s word for “servants” (douloi) does not refer to hired household help but is the term commonly used in ancient times for “slaves.” Although in the Old Testament the term “slave” sometimes appears as a title of honor to indicate the special relationship of great heroes like Moses, Joshua, and David to God (Josh. […]

Ephesians 6 Commentary

Instructions to Children and Parents (6:1 – 4) The Greek word for “fathers” in verse 4 can mean “parents,” but more likely Paul is turning attention specifically to fathers. Fathers had legal control of children and were responsible for their instruction from about age seven. Girls did not normally receive formal education, but were taught […]